Megoldásaink - Kiterjesztett és virtuális valóság
Augmented and Virtual Reality

Many tech companies try to appear as real innovators, but there are only a few who do real innovative work. But now you have found Grepton, a company that makes science-fiction holograms widely available. GrepInvent creative innovation lab aims to be a market leader in implementing innovative technologies and making them more broadly available. We do not only create applications that are visually stunning, but also useful and profitable – building new international business opportunities for your company.

Some already identified business areas:

  • Industry 4.0
  • History and tourism
  • Gamerooms, escape rooms, interactive exhibitions
  • Personalized presentations and shows
  • Security, warfare
  • Anything else that you can imagine


IOT visualisation system. It gives the opportunity to save the position of different machines and elements while walking around in a factory. When we look at them later wearing a Hololens, we can see real data above each element. It can be data like temperature, last maintenance date, pressure, etc. Any data source can be easily connected, but we also created some simple measurement plugin with Raspberry Pi. Besides this practical step-by-step maintenance, screens can be assigned to every data source, and if an error occurs (e.g. overpressure), an indoor localizaton system can lead the workforce to the alarming equipment (no GPS navigation).



We have integrated the Blender3D open source modelling and CAD tool with the Hololens device. A Hololens running our application and our custom Blender3D plugin lets you see floating 3D holograms even during planning. It is useful not only when you are planning, but also later when you want to present the visual design. Basically all 3D visualizations and pictures are created using 3D modelling softwares so the relevant models are available and can be loaded into the Blender3D tool. These can be presented as 3D holograms (e.g. a building) that you can even walk around.



Interstellar hololens simulation game. You can voice control a fleet of starships in holographic battles. If you want more action, you may control main guns and thrusters manually for selected ships using an external tablet. Holographic elements show up in your room and interact with the physics of your environment by colliding with walls and furnitures. Planets and celestial bodies are really detailed with atmospheres and terrain.

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