Megoldásaink - Térinformatika

We implemented customized and complex corporate solutions in the telecommunications and IT sector, and for Hungarian insurance companies. The customers of Magyar Telekom and Telenor use our geoinformatics solutions. We have already used Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and MapGuide for map visualization during development. It is challenging to do real-time mass data processing, visualization and statistical preprocessing.

Typical geoinformatics issues we face:

  • tracking (vehicles, modems, telephones, info desks, meteorological phenomena)
  • route recording and replaying
  • optimal route planning
  • marking remarkable points
  • geofencing (different reaction for crossing marked borders – e.g. SMS)
  • real-time mass data reception and preprocessing
  • map data display on a mobile optimized surface
Fleet tracking service - Magyar Telekom

Magyar Telekom logo

Customers of Magyar Telekom can track their mobile devices/modems based on GMS/GPS technology, and an online application – developed specifically for this purpose – displays the particular position on an electronic map. Map displays give the opportunity to explore specific characteristics and links, that would have remained hidden without these technologies.

Map data display on web interface - Telenor

Telenor logo

The system, implemented by Grepton is used for radio, marketing, customer service and sales purposes, both Telenor distributers and partners benefit from it. The web interface displays map information and data, which based on a MapGuide visualization system. It displays estimated coverage and speed data on 2-3-4 G, LTE technology basis. All of these are displayed on the postprocessed basis map layers of Hungary DSM-1.

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