Our company is a well-known solution

provider of the Hungarian sector

since 2001. We create reliable and real

business value to all of our partners.


We use the latest technologies,

business and organizational models.

Our aim is to form and shape the future.


Microsoft, Oracle, Java Developments;

Business Intelligence (BI);

System Support;

Research, Development and Innovation



Research, Development and Innovation

Hololens – Development of Augmented Reality Apps

Solutions for „Industry 4.0” and digitalization to overview, manage and supervise numerous elements

Mass production of EEG caps for human examinations

GOP-1.1.1-11-2012-0067 tender



Disease forecast and innovation

KMOP-1.1.1-09/1-2009-0048 tender




As a young graduate Grepton Academy was a great opportunity to get to know software development in real life. During the three-month long theoretical and practical training we got familiar with the phases of software development from planning to delivery. After I successfully accomplished the training, I got a job offer and I was happy to join the Grepton team, where colleagues with many years of experience helped me to further improve my knowledge. Nowadays I participate in projects as a senior developer, but it is still good to remember the beginnings – even if they were more than 10 years ago. - István, IT expert

What is the ideal workplace like? It’s the place where you have a good time in a pleasant environment and you are surrounded by nice colleagues. These are all characteristic of Grepton, as well as flexible working hours, appreciation and some other extra features (language learning, pool, foosball and massage) make it even more alluring. In terms of size, the company is big enough to meet a wide range of professional challenges, but small enough not to get impersonal, and thanks to the management, personal needs are always taken into consideration. - Vera, project manager

During the 20 years of my management career, I have learnt to appreciate the skills and values of colleagues, and I endeavor to create the best team from all these individual values. Three years spent with Grepton convinced me that this great team deserves both professional and personal care. I simply love working with them and I see the same positive reflection on everyone. Instead of stressful struggles we face professional challenges that we can solve together in smaller or bigger teams. What you see is what you get; we like to work with ease but at a high professional level. - Zoltán, CEO


Research, Development and Innovation

Zoltán Madár


Dezső Tóth

Operations Manager

András Süli

Strategy Manager

Zoltán Kaiser

Division Manager

Csongor Szilágyi

Division Manager

Fanni Ujvári-Tósoki

HR Manager

Our Story

It’s been quite a long time since 2001, but together with our future goals, the beginnings will always remain important to us. Grepton was established in March, 2001 and it carries and builds on the software division of Protomix Kft., founded in 1977. Since 2011 our Microsoft technology portfolio was extended by Java and Oracle based competencies, so – as a major solution provider of the Hungarian IT sector – we can deliver a wider range of services to our customers. We believe that continuous renewal, future technologies and real professional knowledge is the key to our partners’ satisfaction.

Grepton Academy

We seek opportunities to gain knowledge and also to spread it amongst ourselves, therefore we take part in all kinds of professional events, trainings and workshops. In addition Grepton Academy supports our colleagues’ professional goals so they could be the master of what they are really interested in.


Both in everyday tasks and during innovative work we support creativity. To promote innovation we have workshops discovering new technologies, that guarantee being up-to-date with trends and novelties and to become early-adopters. We also run an innovation bank, which is a structured database to collect ideas and resources from all of our colleagues.

When we feel that it’s time to recharge our batteries, we pamper ourselves with a big cup of strong coffee or tea, and play pool, foosball or Xbox together. And as we are likely to forget about the blessings of the previous weekend by Wednesday (but the next one seems to be too far away), these days we fill up on some fruits and welcome our superb masseur in the office. Sometimes we enjoy office breakfasts, other days we play board games after work, but we are also likely to cheer like real fans of the Hungarian national team in front of the TV – this is how Grepton’s world goes round.




Budapest Headquarter

H-1087 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán krt. 48-52.

+36 1 204-7730


Székesfehérvár Office

H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Deák Ferenc u. 7.      


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