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Customer communication

Smart Communications helps the world’s largest enterprises simplify their customer and business communications – while making those communications do even more.

In 2004, Smart Communications pioneered the new generation of CCM solutions, and today they’re still leading this industry as the only cloud/hybrid-cloud solution in the Gartner leaders’ quadrant. Smart Communications customers rely on our team for the undivided attention of the only independent company 100% focused on enterprise CCM. No one does more to simplify template management and put so much control in the hands of the user. That’s why more than 300 global brands – many in the world’s most highly regulated industries – rely on us to scale the conversation.

Smart Communications is headquartered in London and serves its customers from offices located in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The company offers a range of solutions including SmartCOMMTM, SmartDXTM, SmartCORRTM for Salesforce, and SMARTCaaSTM for Partners.

Every contract you send, every email, text message, statement, or push notification is all part of the larger, ongoing conversation with your customer. And every business reaches a point where that conversation starts to break down due to its sheer size and complexity. More channels, more customers, more touchpoints, more interactions. Smart Communications is the solution you turn to when your needs outgrow your current capabilities.

Grepton is in partnership with Smart Communications, and as the only distributor in the CEE region we provide the following services:

  • Licenses for sale
  • System implementation strategy, implementation and system integration. Integration may include full consolidation and modernization of production processes and activities.
  • Template development, migration of existing content
  • Complete integration, full automation of operations (e.g. print-based or e-mail communications) with the internationally used THDocuMan integration application developed by Grepton
Integration application implementation – Allianz Amos Austria

Allianz AMOS Logo

Implementation of THDocuMan integration application for the regionally used Core insurance system.

Cloud migration – Smart Communications Ltd.

Smart Communications Logo

Conversion from Thunderhead NOW on-premise system to Smart Communications Cloud version, template migration.

Thunderhead NOW implementation – Allianz Hungária Zrt.

Allianz Logo

System implementation strategy for Thunderhead NOW, implementation, system integration, full automation of operation processes, template development, migration of existing templates.

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