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Corporate Solutions

Based on our corporate experiences we can say that the implementation of unique requests and complex work processes often require custom development solutions. This contributes to effective daily work, thus our corporate developments provide real added value to our customers.  Our corporate solutions are based on comprehensive requirement analysis. After implementation, we provide continuous follow-up to always keep the solutions up-to-date and useful.

Customer service system - Telenor Hungary

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The customer service system of Telenor has been performing for years now with Grepton’s support, integrated with Telenor’s CRM system, based on ASP.NET. This complex system is connected to more than 20 backend systems. Our client is allowed to manage account information, customer and phone data, the bonus program, and has access to many other convenience and business functions as well.

Change management of validated systems - EGIS Pharmaceuticals

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The change management of IT systems involved in the course of pharmaceutical manufacturing was implemented through special and complex steps. The application was developed to manage processes and to be integrated in the EGIS SCSM system, where modifications can be requested at a single point. The status of each request can be followed up and reported. Different user roles were created for the implementation process and electronic signature authentication was applied at certain points.

Project portfolio management - Magyar Telekom

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Grepton created a custom project portfolio for Magyar Telekom with a Microsoft Project Server based solution. We implemented a custom solution for automatic creation of Word and Excel documents based on customized form fields. As an individual incident manager, the system can handle logs for audit purposes and automatic modification of SharePoint permissions connected to the project.

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